Liv(ing) the Dream – Four months on board

In the article Liv(e) a little we got acquainted with the Edholm family who are currently on the journey of a lifetime and in Liv(ely) Preparations they shared what they did to the boat to prepare it for the adventure.

Since mid-June the crew has sailed from Stockholm to Madeira. A journey that has taken them to many countries (6 actually) and even more harbours and anchorages. And even though we have had the pleasure of following them in their weekly log entries on Facebook we thought it was time for a proper check-in and a debrief of these months on board.

Hello, S/Y Liv this is the mainland calling! Where are you in the world?

We are currently in Calero, Lanzarote – Liv(ing) the dream, exploring all the island has to offer!

Tell us about the journey so far!

We started in Gustavsberg (just outside the Arcona HQ) and then sailed to Sandvik on Öland. Then we went to Ystad and Höllviken in Skåne in the south of Sweden. The first international port was Laboe in Germany just before we entered the Kiel canal, during which we stopped in Rendsburg and then finally Cuxhaven at the other end.

Then we moored in Vlieland in the Netherlands followed by Harlingen before we entered the shallow lakes and passed Einkuizen toward Amsterdam. After that we took the standing mast route through the canals to the lakes south of Rotterdam before we headed out into the Atlantic again after passing Williamstad and Vlissingen.

We didn’t stop in Belgium as they had mandatory quarantine at the time so we sailed to France and did a tour of Normandy: Dunkerque, Bologne-sur-Mer, Dieppe, St-Vaast-la-Hougue, Port du Hable (close to Cherbourg) and Roscoff.

After this “Tour du France” it was finally time to cross the Bay of Biscay to head to A Coruña in Spain – luckily the crossing went well and we didn’t meet any orcas! From A Coruña we sailed south to the rias of Galicia and spent several weeks exploring the different rias. Moving south we sailed to Baiona and the islands Illas de San Martino and Cies before crossing the maritime border to Portugal.

Our first stop in Portugal was Porto – did you know that porto means port/harbour in Portuguese? After that we sailed to Oeiras outside Lisbon where we actually spent more than a week. That week was spent preparing the boat for the crossing to Porto Santo in the Madeiran archipelago. We then set sail towards Porto Santo and Madeira.

After a few days exploring it was time to sail to Graciosa – a small volcanic island north of Lanzarote – and now we are here in Calero! Phew, it has been quite the journey!

Quite the journey indeed – what have been your favourite stops along the way? If you had to choose!

Jonas: Praia de Arneles, Ria de Aldán, Galicia, Spain
– Extremely protected and beautiful Ria with a nice beach and completely clear water. This was the first time the water was really warm, warm enough to enjoy swimming around, since we left the Baltic Sea.

Sanna: St Vaast, France
– St Vaast was the first time that we could anchor at a mooring and the weather was warm. We had a barbecue dinner with our friends and the kids played with theirs, the whole family really felt like we were abroad.

Speaking of the kids! We also have to check-in with the youngsters on board to hear about their favourite stops so far!

Axel, 14: Muros, Spain

– I love dolphins, and in Muros I got to see a dolphin up close for the first time. That was an amazing feeling and such a cool experience.

Alma, 11: Vlieland, Netherlands

– Vlieland was just such a nice place: I really liked the harbour, the sandy dunes and all the crabs. It was also here that we did our first excursion with the dinghy to all the small sandy islands that disappear in when the tide comes. For the first time it really felt like we were abroad.

Atle, 9: Boulogne Sur Mer, France

– I have to say Boulogne Sur Mer because I really enjoyed the aquarium, Nausicaa. It was so cool – I got to see so many animals in one place!

Now that you have been away for a while, what’s the verdict?

Atle: It hasn’t been quite what I expected, and the longer legs have been a bit boring actually. But I get through my school work very quickly – I have already finished my entire English book for the year!

Alma: I don’t agree, sure it can be boring, but only if you allow it to be. There is always something you can do; you just have to use your imagination. I think the journey is turning out better than I expected, because we have found so many new friends.

Axel: I think it can be a bit boring when the sea state is very extreme, because you can’t occupy yourself the way you normally would. I prefer the shorter crossings, close to the coast when you get to see many cool sites. Oh, and when you are accompanied by dolphins! 🐬🐬🐬

Alma: And turtles! Turtles and whales! Although we haven’t seen the big ones yet…🐢🐳🐢🐳

Atle: But I have caught 109 crabs so far – that has to count for something… 🦀🦀🦀

Written by Hanna Ericksson

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