Crew – Cruising

The crew of S/Y Liv 

(when not racing)

Helmsman: Susanna

Navigation / Tactics: Jonas

Pit: Axel

Trimmer / helmsman: Alma

Foredeck: Atle



Excellent helmsman and have a way of making the whole crew feel good. Mainly uses her nickname Sanna.

Set foot on a sailboat for the first time in 2001 when Susanna and Jonas borrowed a 27 food sailboat and sailed in the Stockholm archipelago. Has been sailing every summer since, with either Jonas or her friends.

Easygoing and analytic as a person. Master of science and works as an analyst at an insurance company.

Will compete in her first off-shore race June/July 2019. 

  • Inshore Diploma
  • Coastal Yachtmaster
  • World Sailing Approved Personal Survival training



Decided to learn how to sail at age nine after getting scared when on a sailboat for the first time  (the boat was heeling!).

Took a few optimist courses as a kid, but only sailed on and off until 2002 when he bought his first sail boat (Albin Express).

Has been sail racing since 2004. Mainly course races with gold medals in both national championships and a European Cup. Has also participated in a couple of longer off-shore races.

Techie and works with IT and computer science.  Has great friends that has been able to teach all the tricks of maintaining yachts and how to sail boats higher and faster. 

  • Inshore Diploma
  • Coastal Yachtmaster
  • Short Range Certificate (VHF/SRC)
  • Radar Certificate
  • Ship’s officers Class VIII
  • SSI Open Water Diver



11 years old and has been sailing since birth. Easygoing and friendly. Always manages to make new friends at every mooring.

Gymnast that will miss his friends when we sail to the Caribbean



8 years old and has been sailing since birth. Extreme competitor and quick learner. 

Gymnast to the core! 



6 years old and has been sailing since birth. Always makes a face when taking photos. Easygoing and has the skills of finding playtimes in every situation.

Worried that people will not understand his name.