LOG 16 S/Y Liv

Date: Sunday 24 October 2021

Position: 28° 51.471 N 13° 49.009’ W

SOG: 9 kn

Location: Puerto Deportivo, Rubicon, Lanzarote, Spain

Distance Sailed during the week: 59 NM

Distance Sailed total: 3145 NM

Weather: 🌤, 25°

Most popular on the menu: Alma’s apple pie🍏🍽

Animals spotted: Lizards

Comment of the week: “It’s so hard to whip cream by hand!”

Graciosa, such a lovely place! It’s a very protected bay for anchoring (even when you are far from the beach at 12 m depth), easy to get ashore with the dinghy, an amazing beach where the kids could snorkel and a volcano that you could climb on to the top.

After Graciosa, we visited two other places at Lanzarote, Puerto Calero and Puerto Deportivo. Both had very nice harbors but apart from that they were extremely touristy. And what do all the tourist families do on Lanzarote? They go to the Rancho Texas Park, and so did we! The kids really enjoyed the park, especially the sea lion show and the water land.

Since we left the mainland, it has been so difficult to get a place in the harbors, both in Madeira but mainly here in the Canary Islands. Besides having to spend a lot of time trying to secure a spot, all spontaneity disappears when we have to book and even sometimes pay in advance, all the flexibility is just gone. And still we have to adjust our plans according to the weather – so not the easiest things right now to try and combine.

At Madeira, we didn’t focus so much school, which resulted in the kids having a lot of school work to catch up, so this week we has been all about academia📚

A question some of you may have: how is it living five people in such close quarters, together all the time, does it work? Yes, is the short answer. It works fine most of the time, but we will admit, we do argue (sometimes so much so that the whole harbor have to hear it! 😅) and the kids, also the parents if we are completely honest, aren’t always in the best mood. Some days are harder, and this week we had some of those. Maybe we start to get a little bit nervous about the big crossing, maybe it’s because we have more of an ordinary everyday life on the boat now or maybe we just had some things to sort out. But sometimes you have to clear the air 🤷‍♀️

Next week we will continue to stay in Lanzarote and focus on school, and towards the end of the week we will do a short sail to Fuerteventura and meet some friends from Sweden. The kids are so excited to meet their old friends from back home!

Written by Susanna Edholm, edited by Hanna Ericksson

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