LOG 41 S/Y Liv

Date: Sunday 8 May 2022

Position: 18° 2.270’ N 63° 6.167’ W

SOG: 5 kn

Location: Simpson Bay, St. Martin

Distance Sailed during the week: 2 nm

Distance Sailed total: 7406 nm

Weather: 🌤, 25°

Most popular on the menu: Ugnspankaka – Oven Pancake

Animals spotted: Lizards & dogs

Comment of the week: “I want to pick her up from the airport!” ✈

At 8 o’clock on Tuesday we had time in the small slip to be hauled up at Bobby’s Mega Yard. After some months in the Caribbean we have learned to accept “Caribbean time”, so we were prepared for waiting for them. But there was no waiting, they were waiting for us and we were up on land in an hour. Not only were they ready to haul us up at the right time, they were also ready to put us back to water at the right time, actually ahead of schedule! And all the fixes we had on our list were done, both the yard and Jonas delivered! I, Sanna, am really impressed by how much work that could be done in three days!

In the meantime the rest of the Liv crew enjoyed hotel life! Relaxing in the pool area and attending all the fun activities that the hotel arranged, bingo, water aerobics, movie night etc. The kids appreciated all the luxury (!) equipment in the kitchen; dishwasher, microwave and oven. We cooked all the dishes that we have missed doing in the boat, for example lasagna and “ugnspannkaka”.

Friday means “fredagsmys” (it’s a Swedish thing) including chips and some fun games. This Friday was extra special due to the fact that we welcomed our crew Helena! All the kids wanted to pick her up from the airport with the dinghy! It feels really great to have Helena here. Although the focus has been on preparations, we have had time for some other activities, for example finding out how strong an airplane jet blast feels. The ”DANGER” sign is there for a reason…

Next week – the preparation for the crossing will continue! Will we be ready to leave the 12th as planned?

Written by Susanna Edholm, edited by Hanna Ericksson

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