LOG 40 S/Y Liv

Date: 1 May 2022

Position: 18° 2.270’ N 63° 6.167’ W

SOG: 7 kn

Location: Simson Bay, St. Martin

Distance Sailed during the week: 42 NM

Distance Sailed total: 7404 NM

Weather: 🌦, 25°

Most popular on the menu: Sushi 🍣

Animals spotted: Turtles, lizards & goats🐐🐢

Comment of the week: “Can I do something else than school?”

We were tired and everything took more time than expected. Just to do some laundry, grocery shopping and a doctor’s appointment, took almost three days. But after that we decided that we wanted to do something fun, see something new. Not just wait for next week when it will be a lot of hard work and preparations for the next crossing.

So we set sail to Anse Du Colombier, St Barth. A beautiful nature reserve with a nice beach, good snorkeling and challenging hikes. Nice and relaxing days – for most of us anyway! Axel has a lot of school work to do before we do the crossing, because he has to be done with a lot of tasks before we start the crossing. So yes, a lot of school for Axel 📚

Alma has found her new favorite food, sushi. And we are happy that she wants to both try new dishes and make them for us 🍣🍣

Next week – the preparations for the crossing starts! The boat will be hauled up and stay on land for three days, then we are going to enjoy hotel life! Well, most of us… Jonas will be working hard on the boat. We will also welcome our crew Helena!

Written by Susanna Edholm, edited by Hanna Ericksson

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