LOG 39 S/Y Liv

Date: Sunday 24 April 2022

Position: 18° 4.485’ N 63° 5.175’ W

SOG: 7 kn

Location: Marigot, St. Martin

Distance Sailed during the week: 135 nm

Distance Sailed total: 7362 nm

Weather: 🌤, 25°

Most popular on the menu: Lobster! 🦀

Animals spotted: Turtles, lizards, goats, a lot of colorful fish, octopi, lobsters & sharks 🦈

Comment of the week: “We also want to go to the Pacific!”⛵

We knew it, but it was hard anyway! Saying goodbye to our friends who will continue towards Panama and the Pacific meant a lot of hugs and tears! The best part, and a very good proof of how much our kids really enjoy this, is that they now think that we should sell our apartment and continue sailing for several years! If only we could! Right now the decision to do this just for one year feels totally wrong, we all want to continue living this life.

The lobsters in the BVI are big and we have been eating a lot of them. We can’t help it – they are just so delicious. Also this time Jonas got the opportunity to catch one by himself! A big one!

Jonas practices wing foiling as much as he can, and he has improved so much just during the last couple of days when we have had good conditions. It’s impressive to see!

The sail back to St Martin, around 80 NM the bird path, but more when sailing upwind, started nice and smooth. But just some hours after departure we heard a “shritsh” and saw that the clew to our jib had broken and the luff on sail started to rip apart. We quickly got the jib down with, trying to save as much as possible. Hopefully it will be fixable. Ok, no jib and almost 70 nm to go upwind, what to do? We decided to, for the first time, to use our heavy weather cutter jib. It worked very well, even though it took us a few more hours to sail (luckily we have a fast boat). Good practice for us, now we also have some actual experience with our cutter jib and know that it works fine.

Next week – no plans yet, maybe we sail to Anguilla, maybe to St Barth or we just stay in St Martin, next week will tell us.

Written by Susanna Edholm, edited by Hanna Ericksson

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