LOG 17 S/Y Liv

Date: Sunday 31st October 2021

Position: 28° 44.451 N 13° 51.875’ W

SOG: 6 kn

Location: Corralejo, Fuerteventura, Spain

Distance Sailed during the week: 10 NM

Distance Sailed total: 3155 NM

Weather: 🌤, 25°

Most popular on the menu: Barbeque dinner 🍽

Animals spotted: Small crabs 🦀

Comment of the week: “Finally! We have waited so long!” 🥰

Rubicon is very touristy, but it also offers a pool area for the people mooring in the harbour, many dive centers and a good shipyard. And we utilized them all! The kids used the pool as much as they could (they have an evil teacher that thinks that they should have school even though there is a pool around). And even better, a Swedish boat with kids the same ages stayed there at the same time. Do I have to sa the kids had the time of their life – I mean a pool and pals!

Axel and Alma are thinking of getting their dive certificate 🤿, but it’s not so easy to know if you are gonna like something if you haven’t done it. Well, what better way to find out than to try?! They were so brave, having a test dive on their own, all instruction in English. And afterwards they went on a 5-6 meters dive. The outcome? Did they like it? Yes they did! But it’s so hard to decide what to spend your time on when there are so many fun things to test and learn: snorkeling, diving, surfing and windsurfing. The good thing is that we will spend almost 5 months in the Caribbean soon 🏝⛱🏄🏼‍♀️

About lifting the boat. The first plan was to lift in Lagos (but we didn’t even get to Lagos due to the orcas), the second in Las Palmas but we ended up lifting it here in Rubicon. Just a quick lift, a wash, changing the sacrificial anode (which requires removing the propeller) and checking the oil in the sail drive. Good to be done with that before we arrive at Las Palmas (something tells us that we will have other things to do over there).

Lifting the boat wasn’t the only boat fix this week, we also replaced the wind vane transducer including the mast cable. 🛠

Atle and Alma have longed for meeting their old friends from back home pretty much the entire trip! And now it was finally time for the big moment to arrive. Saturday morning and just a short distance from Rubicon, Lanzarote to Carralejo, Fuerteventura and there they were, their friends from Sweden, such happiness!

Next week we will continue to stay in Corralejo, hanging around with our Swedish friends. Then we haven’t decided, we only know that we can go to Las Palmas from the 5th of November. So we will see, maybe we will go directly to Las Palmas or we will stay some more days at Fuerteventura.

Written by Susanna Edholm, edited by Hanna Ericksson

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