A week with a long list of small stuff that got fixed

Last week a lot of things got done. Had a week of saved vacation from five years ago that I needed to use before the end of March this year. Not the best timing since it’s still too cold to do some of the needed work outside.

The fiberglass work for the anchor box got started as well as the re-isolation of the fridge. They are not yet complete so I will post about them later.

New toilet pump and hoes for toilet and holding tank

During the winter I replaced the hoes to and from the holding tank. The old hoes were leaking a bit of odor. They are supposed to be replaced about every seven years. Don’t think they have ever been replaced so it should not be a surprise that they were dried and leaking a bit of smell after 14 years.

In total there are three 38 mm hoes to the holding tank. One from the toilet, one for emptying the tank from the deck and one that will not be used going to the though hull. While replacing the hoes for the holding tank I also replaced the rinse hoe to the toilet and the venting hoe for the holding tank with hoes that are not transparent to prevent growth inside the hoes.

Every year I used to replace the joker valve on the toilet. But this year I wanted to complete service of the toilet. The cost for the service kit with the joker valve and some O-rings is pretty high. Almost the same cost as replacing the whole pump. So instead of fiddling with all the O-rings and replacement parts we decided to replace the whole pump for pretty much the same cost.

The replacement of the hoes and pump went smoothly when we did the winter preparations even if the hoes where a bit stiff with the low temperature. Except for fitting the venting hoe to the stainless steel vent on the hull. After many hours battling with the hoe during the winter I gave up. After helping a friend renovating his two bathrooms in a new house, I discovered Glidex. Glidex is a silicone based lubricant for fitting plastic drain pipes that dries and almost works as a glue when dried. With Glidex I could finally fit the venting hoe to the hull vent.

Anchors for safety tethers

Last winter I mounted pad-eyes for the stern attachment of the jacklines. If you are still attaching your jacklines to the cleats in the stern. Read this article and please reconsider.


After our first summer with Liv and also having our kids falling asleep in the cockpit before we carried them below. We wanted to add more anchors for safety tethers in the cockpit. We were aslo missing some easy to use anchors for the helmsman that did not require un-hocking when tacking.

It might have been more that what we need. But we ended up with four additional anchors in the cockpit for the crew (or kids falling asleep in the cockpit). Two of them are also easy to reach when entering the cockpit from the cabin.

Two more anchors were also added for the helmsman. Both of them are more on the centerline of the boat and hopefully there will be no need to un-hock for the helmsman when tacking.

The only thing that remains now is to cover the holes in the inner module to hide the bolts for the pad-eyes in the cabin. Plastic covers are ordered and hopefully my order will go through even if I am ordering as an individual instead of as a business.

Stern anchor roller wheel

Last summer I was rotating and replacing some of the wheels to the stern bow roller and stern windlass. But I could not find the right size for one of the wheels. Luckily Gustavsbergs Marincenter (previously Arcona) had some spare on stock. Easy replacement if you just have the right size.

Where the anchor rode is exiting the hull you can easily see the wear on one of the wheels. The other was in new condition. By rotating the wheels I got a wheel in new condition where all the wear is happening. Having a worn out wheel that is never used does not really matter.

Gelcoat damage from stern anchor

When resetting the anchor at an anchorage the anchor was flipped and the wrong button was accidentally pressed. This resulted in the stern roller with the anchor being flipped up on the stern with a force that chipped the gelcoat in the stern.

Things that happen. But in the long run we should most likely put a protection on the stern for the anchor so this could not happen again.

The gelcoat does not color match perfectly. But it will be ok after some polishing and a couple of years when the new gelcoat have oxidized a bit.

New fresh water tank and hoes

We also had an insurance claim on the water tank and the water hoes. Last summer we had to remove the old tank and install a temporary rubber fresh water tank.

Gustavsberg Marincenter had a spare and after pressure testing the new tank they could install the new tank and replace all the water hoes. The old transparent hoes got replaced with blue and red hoes which makes it much easier to see which hoes are used for hot and which are used for cold fresh water.

It used to be so much easier with a smaller boat with just a single fresh water hoe from the tank. With a much bigger boat there are also a lot more hoes. Hoes from tank, pressure pump, tap in galley, tap in sink, shower in stern, water heater etc.

New diesel and cooling hoes

When Gustavsbergs Marincenter were also running new fresh water hoes I also asked them to replace all the diesel and coolant hoes to the engine. At least one of the diesel hoes I knew was a bit dry and cracked and expected the coolant hoes to be in a similar condition. Neither of them is something that you like to have a leak on.

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