Date: Sunday 2 January 2022

Position: 13° 0.230’ N 61° 14.495 W

SOG: 9 kn

Location: Princess Margaret Beach, Admiralty Bay, Bequia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Distance Sailed during the week: 60 NM

Distance Sailed total: 6268 NM

Weather: ☀, 29°

Most popular on the menu: New Year’s dinner at the beach

Animals spotted: Mostly sea turtles and stingrays, but also a lot of beautiful fish that we do not know the name of (yet) 🐢🐠🐡🐟

Comment of the week: “Do we want anything from Mr Quality today?”

Happy New Year!

We decided to set sail to Tobago Cays for the New Year. We have two places in the Caribbean that we really want to visit, Barbuda and Tobago Cays. So, the feeling was kind of magic entering the National Marine Park of Tobago Cays. And yes, it is a paradise (!) with clear blue water, turtles swimming around the boat and only the reef as protection from the Atlantic Ocean.

Just some minutes after dropping the anchor, Mr Quality popped up, trying to sell us things and trinkets, everything from banana bread to t-shirts. But he, like all the other boat boys, respects a “No thank you, maybe tomorrow”. This time we bought a banana bread and a baguette, both delicious, so maybe the name Mr Quality is correct?

Like last week, the days have flown by, just snorkeling (it’s 28 degrees in the water 🤿🏝), looking at turtles and hanging out with friends on the beach.

The best of the week, it was truly outstanding, was New Years eve at the beach together with several of our friends. We had so much fun! The best way to celebrate a new year is to arrive.

After five days on anchor our food started to run out, so we decided to go back to Bequia for provisioning and doing laundry. Provisioning here is not the same as in Europe. Everything is very expensive, the selection in the grocery stores is really limited, and the fruit and vegetables are bought from local stands on the street. Hopefully we learn what to buy and how to eat and cook the different local fruit and vegetables: we use the same mindset here as we do back home, try to eat local fruit and vegetables as much as possible. So right now we eat a lot of mango, passionfruit, bananas, avocado, starfruit and golden apple. Not exactly the same fruit that we by local at home.🍌🍏

Next week – we have no plans and it feels great! Probably the kids’ vote will count the most in the decision making of where to go next. So our best guess, we will follow all the other kids boats. And to be honest, all options are good!

Written by Susanna Edholm, edited by Hanna Ericksson

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