LOG 21 S/Y Liv

Date: Sunday 19 December 2021

Position: 14° 5.090’ N 60° 57.685’ W

SOG: 8 kn

Location: Rodney Bay, Saint Lucia

Distance Sailed during the week: 20 NM

Distance Sailed total: 6133 NM

Weather: 🌤, 27°

Most popular on the menu: avocado salad (one avocado big as a melon was enough for all of us!) with grilled chicken 🥑🍗

Animals spotted: sea turtles, hermit crab, hummingbird and dolphins 🐢🦀🐦

Comment of the week: “It gets even steeper!”

After some days in the marina we were keen to see some other parts of Saint Lucia. So after we had said goodbye to our extra crew Martin, we were ready to explore the world outside the marina. Just a little bit south of Rodney Bay you have Marigot Bay, a very protected mangrove bay and hurricane hole. We had heard that if you pay for the official mooring buoys you also get access to a big pool area at the resort located right next to the bay – and that was exactly what we needed: a calm place at a mooring buoy with access to a fancy pool!

For four days we enjoyed Marigot Bay. Most of the time was spent enjoying the pool area and wrapping up the lask school tasks that had to be finished before Christmas. But we also went on a hike, or was it a climbing adventure?! After a relaxing time in the bay it was time to go back to Rodney Bay and the prize ceremony of the ARC.

The prize ceremony was a great way to end the whole ARC adventure. We are so glad that we joined it. The main goal to meet other boats with kids was more than fulfilled. Hearing the kids call each other on VHF on our own kids radio net is amazing. The kids (and also the adults onboard) now have friends all over the world and a lot of them will spend a couple of months in the Caribbean as we are. We are so looking forward to this part of the adventure, enjoying all the amazing islands with our new found friends.

We ended our time in Saint Lucia at anchor just outside Rodney Bay. Some lovely days with many of the ARC kids boats! And even though we are in the Caribbean the Christmas feeling is starting to arrive 🎄🎅.

Next week – we will do all the PCR tests and set sail to Saint Vincent and the Grenadines to celebrate Christmas in Bequia.

Written by Susanna Edholm, edited by Hanna Ericksson

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