LOG 38 S/Y Liv

Date: Sunday 17 April 2022

Position: 18° 28.260’ N 64° 32.055’ W

SOG: 8 kn

Location: Lee Bay, Great Camanoe

Distance Sailed during the week: 20 nm

Distance Sailed total: 7227 nm

Weather: 🌤, 25°

Most popular on the menu: Homemade sushi 🍣

Animals spotted: Turtles, lizards, goats, a lot of colorful fish, octopi, lobsters, sharks

Comment of the week: “Vilket land är Små Land?!”

Diving! That is what Alma and Jonas have been doing this week – and not just one dive in one place – a lot of dives, a lot of different dive sites, wrecks, night dives and dives with friends. An incredible experience and so much fun!

The first days of the week we spend by ourselves. We have found it necessary to have some family time every once in a while. Both because we enjoy hanging out together and doing things as a family, but also because we appreciate being with our friends more if we have had some time just for us.

There have been a lot more boats here in the BVI compared to the previous months. Mainly due to both North Americans celebrating Easter, chartering boats and Puerto Ricans traditionally coming to the BVI in Easter with their sport fishing boats. But Jonas and Alma managed to get in 3 days of boat dives at Jost Van Dyke even though most of the dive centers were fully booked. 🤿👨‍👧

The week started with Jonas getting the chance to dive with our friends from Cloud Jumper at the RMS Rhone. Thanks for the amazing pictures! By far the most exciting dive spot here in the BVI. At Jost Van Dyke Alma and Jonas had some great dives together, but the visibility in the northern part of the BVI is not as good as in the southern part, so there aren’t as many dive sights. Luckily we managed to convince the dive center to take them to the RMS Rhone wreck for a two tank wreck dive. Not only did they see the amazing wreck, do a swim-thourgh and see beautiful coral fish. They even managed to see sharks while diving. To finish off the week we had a great dive together with our friends as a big group of 3 adults and 5 kids all diving together. 🦈🐠🐡

So obviously, the focus this week was diving, but we also had time to visit White Bay in Jost Van Dyke twice. It is a beautiful beach with the famous Soggy Dollar Bar, the bar that invented the drink Painkiller. The name comes from the money getting wet when you swim from your boat to the bar, even though most people take the dinghy to shore these days.

After some days apart from the other kids boat, we met up again in a lovely and peaceful bay. A bay that offers everything, good anchoring, close proximity friends, good diving, catching lobster, easy to wakeboard and perfect wing foil conditions – could it be any better?! Yes! On top of all that, a Full Moon party! 🌕💃 A party where all the kids and adults danced together for hours – pure happiness!

The kids now have a whole different way of thinking and seeing both people and the world. It’s fascinating and totally incredible what they have learnt during this year. Theese months in the Caribbean, we have spent time with boats from the entire world: mostly from Canada, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Germany, France and Finland. So in a discussion around the dinner table we talked about Småland, and Alma asked “Vilket land är Små Land?”

Next week is the last week for us here in the BVI (crazy how fast time flies!) and that means a lot of goodbyes. 😢😢😢 Most of our friends will continue towards Panama and the Pacific, so next week our paths will diverge in different directions, ours to east and theirs to west.

Written by Susanna Edholm, edited by Hanna Ericksson

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