Date: Sunday 13 February 2022

Position: 14° 45.905’ N 60° 53.060’ W

SOG: 8 kn

Location: Baie Du Trésor, Martinique

Distance Sailed during the week: 36 NM

Distance Sailed total: 6530 NM

Weather: 🌦 26°

Most popular on the menu: Tacos 🌮

Animals spotted: Black bird with a red dot

Comment of the week: “Det var en riktig rökare!”

After the Tobago Cays Cup it was time for the Martinique Cup. This time Liv was represented by Atle together with Göran and Axel together with his friend Linus. Alma decided that she didn’t want to race, instead she wanted to help the race committee drive the safety dinghies.

The setup was the same as last time: 16 teams with one adult and one child, except for one team with kids only (Axel and a friend). The rules are simple: the child has to helm and steer the dinghy. A lot of boats capsized in the heavy wind (we had gusts of +20 knots) so Atle learned the expression “Det var en riktigt rökare!” from Göran (“It was a smoker!”). They did really well in the heavy wind and it was pure happiness to see the team spirit. The races continued almost the entire day, and we are so impressed by everyone, all the teams that participated, and all the adults that organized it and made it happen. The day also ended in the best way, with a big barbecue on the beach. We will see if we’ll make it to the next cup, the Antigua Cup.

After some intense days with all the kids’ boats, sleepovers, the cup, birthday parties, barbeques at the beach, etc., we decided it was time for us to move on and see more of Martinique, also we needed a little calmer place. So the nature reserve on the eastern side of Martinique with only a few kids boats seemed like a good plan. We did a lot of hiking (the only thing that you could do in the reserve 🌴🌳). To access land, we landed the dinghy right into the mangrove trees and climbed from the dinghy over the mangrove to the hiking path. Hiking with other families is not only fun, it is also educational. Now our kids know how to show which way they take if they are in front and want to ensure followers take the same direction.

Next week – we are waiting for a package to arrive to Guadeloupe next week, so probably we will set sail, heading for Bas Du Fort, Guadeloupe.

Written by Susanna Edholm, edited by Hanna Ericksson

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