LOG 12 S/Y Liv

Date: Sunday 26 September 2021

Position: 38° 40.598’ N 9° 19.080’ W

SOG: – kn

Location: Oeiras, Portugal

Distance Sailed during the week: 0 NM

Distance Sailed total: 2288 NM

Weather: ☀, 26°

Most popular on the menu: Pancakes with Nutella and ice cream 🍽

Animals spotted: Huge jellyfish, “spider” crabs

Comment of the week: “Yatzy championship? Yes, we’d love to come!” 🎲

This was the first time during the whole trip that we didn’t sail at all during the week – we have been moored here at Oeiras. A good spot to stay at we have to say, beautiful beach just around the corner, easy to travel into Lisbon, a lot of friends and time for boat fix.

Lisbon! How easy it was to visit and explore Lisbon with kids – you just have to buy one access card for all public transportation. Then you are free to jump on/off all the busses, trains and trams, going as far as you like and stopping where you want to see more. We can’t decide what was most exciting, going to these small local busses, that were perfectly optimized to the size of the street, not a millimeter to spare. Or by the old tram, also them perfectly fitted to the narrow and hilly streets. Even though we only went to Lisbon for one day, it feels that we were able to see so much of the city. 🚋🚌🚊

The days have been almost the same, school in the morning until lunch, then heading to the beach. The kids love to swim in the big waves 🌊🌊🌊(always under supervision by a nervous mom). In the meantime Jonas has been working on the boat. We have also spent time with all the other Swedish boats here (there are 8 Swedish boats including us in the marina at the time). One evening we were invited for “Rum Punch” 🍹 and another evening for “Yatzy championship” 🎲 – so many wonderful people we are meeting! That is one thing that we really appreciate about this life, that both adults and children can hang out together. So our kids not only get to know other kids but also adults of different ages – and they love it!

We have received a new AIS and it is working as it is supposed to, repairs and improvements on our lazy bag are completed, a barbeque and a new lamp in Almas cabin are installed and the satellite communication is up and running. But the most challenging thing this week was the grocery shopping, but hopefully it will last for a while now.

Next week’s forecast seems promising for sailing to Porto Santo, Madeira (yes, we know, we said the same thing last week). But now we are ready to leave the mainland!

Written by Susanna Edholm, edited by Hanna Ericksson

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