LOG 10 S/Y Liv

Date: Sunday 12 September 2021

Position: 42° 13.325’ N 8° 53.945’ W

SOG: 6 kn

Location: Islas Cies, Spain

Distance Sailed during the week: 45 NM

Distance Sailed total: 2024 NM

Weather: ☀, 24°

Most popular on the menu: Axel’s sausage and vegetable stew (made on chorizo instead of Swedish Falukorv).🍽

Animals spotted: Lizards

Comment of the week: “One more time?!” The water park was a big hit 🎢

We continue to enjoy and explore Galicia, which has so many beautiful rias and islands to visit. Everything is so close and there are so many things to explore so we hardly log any distance traveled, even though we have been to four anchorages during the week.

The weather is warm and sunny, and the winds are either southerly or non existent. Hence, we decided to stay in Galicia to fully enjoy the easy life on anchor instead of going to the marinas and cities of Portugal. Or not only at anchor, we did a stop in Portonovo. And what a good stop it was, especially for the kids! Both visiting a water park and the next day having a movie night with a sleepover with the kids from Sundance. We also tried to get the second covid-19 vaccination shot for Axel, but weren’t succesful.💉 Getting vaccinated as a foreigner is a bit more difficult in Spain than in France. We will have to try later in Portugal or on the Canary Islands.

In Galica you can find four Natural Parks islands. 🏝 Last week, we tried to visit Illa de Salvora, but didn’t find a good anchorage due to the southerly winds, so unfortunately we missed that one. But this week we got anchor permission for three days (you need both a general permission and special anchor permission) to visit Islas Cies. And what an island it is, the nature is absolutely stunning! The hiking trails makes it very easy to explore the island. We have done three different routes, and it was so nice, both to see so much of the island and also to get some exercise. At first Atle thought it was rather hard, going on the trails uphill to the lighthouse, but after discovering that there were lizards, it was much easier to do the hike. That is one of the hard parts, being on anchor, it’s not so easy to get enough exercise.

As last week, Axel had a task in domestic science/hemkunskap/home economics. This week’s task was sausage and vegetable stew with falukorv… We all agreed that the Spanish version with chorizo was so much better! I think we have to put domestic science/hemkunskap/home economics in Alma’s and Atle’s schedule as well 🤤

Next week’s forecast seems promising for sailing to Portugal. But first a stop in Baiona and some history lessons about Christopher Columbus.

Written by Susanna Edholm, edited by Hanna Ericksson

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