LOG 4, S/Y Liv

Date: Sunday 1 August 2021

Position: 51° 41.666’ N 4° 26.585’ E

SOG: 5 kn

Location: Willemstad, Netherlands

Distance Sailed during the week: 146 NM

Distance Sailed total: 946 NM

Weather: 🌦, 17°

Most popular on the menu: Alma’s chicken with rice 🍗🍽

Animals spotted: Turtle, Cows, Goats

Comment of the week: “Where to stay in Amsterdam? – Sixhaven!”

We asked all the people that we met during our stops in the Netherlands which harbour we should stay in during our time in Amsterdam if they could only pick one. We always received the same answer: Sixhaven! So the goal was clear, to find a free spot in Sixhaven. Turns out that wasn’t so easy! And not so easy to operate in a very narrow harbor with a lot of boats. We had some struggles and even hooked with another boat… Turning the boat with 50 cm in the bow and 50 cm in the stern with side wind and without bow truster is not easy. But we have to agree, Sixhaven was a very great harbor and perfectly located if you want to explore Amsterdam.

The best thing during the week was that we had the chance to spend some time with the Finnish boat Sundance II. They have kids the same age as ours. At first the kids were a bit shy, having to talk English, but after three days together, they really enjoyed hanging around together. We are so impressed!

As always, some boat fixes had to be made. We managed to get our inverter replaced, excellent service from Victron and ASA Bootelectro. Also we received new parts for the Gobius tankmeter, so that also got fixed.

What to do? Taking the Standard Mast Route or waiting for better winds? After much deliberation back and forth, we decided to go for the channels through Haarlem.

Next week we will continue through the channels, 43 bridges and 8 locks. And then, we hope to set sail again, aiming for France!

Written by Susanna Edholm, edited by Hanna Ericksson

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