LOG 2, S/Y Liv

Date: Sunday 18 July 2021

Position: 54° 18.5359’ N 9° 40.215’ E

SOG: 8 kn

Location: Rendsburg

Distance Sailed during the week: 201 NM

Distance Sailed total: 577 NM

Weather: 🌤, 18°, 12kn N-NW

Most popular on the menu: Takeaway Pizza from Laboe Marina restaurant 🍕🍽

Animals spotted: Seal, crabs, flatfish, porpoise

Comment of the week: “Mom is vaccinated!”

Some really nice summer days in Skåne. Bath, bike rides and some final shopping in Sweden. Atle was happy that he was able to fish both crab and flatfish 🦀

We are fully vaccinated! And so, we are ready to set sail towards Germany and Kiel (Laboe).

We decided to go directly to Germany, almost 150 NM from Höllviken to Laboe. We calculated around 1 day and ended up at almost exactly 24 hours. It started with heavy fog and no wind. Luckily we could set sail after some hours, but during the evening/night we had to go by motor again. Jonas’ watch (night) was exciting due to guidance by German traffic control on VHF around the big construction work north of Puttgarden. From early morning (Sannas’ watch) we could set sail again and had a nice reach all the way to Laboe. Near Laboe we spotted porpoise, the kids were so excited!

Really hot days in Laboe. Great to be near the beach and some indoor activities, U-boat and navy museum. Great opportunity to teach the kids about World War II.

Unfortunately our inverter broke, always something to fix at the boat.

Kiel canal, the first part to Rendsburg went well, not so many boats, even though we met some fully loaded tankers. The marina was nice but Rendsburg is not very exciting when everything is closed on a Sunday. We also forget that we have a fairly high draught and had to plow our way through the mud when leaving the dock at Rendsburg Marina.

Next week, the second part of the Kiel canal and the big moment for us to enter the Elbe and the North Sea.

Written by Susanna Edholm, edited by Hanna Ericksson

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