LOG 1, S/Y Liv

Date: Saturday 10 July 2021

Position: 55° 25.549’ N 13° 48.902’ E

SOG: 9 kn

Location: Ystad

Distance Sailed during the week: 112 NM

Distance Sailed total: 409 NM

Weather: ☀, 24°, 4kn S

Most popular on the menu: Fish and chips at Hanö restaurant, Tortilla with cheese onboard 🧀🍽

Animals spotted: Fallow deer, seal, polecat

Comment of the week: “How does daddy swim? No, he doesn’t swim!”

Some really nice saling days, especially between Hanö and Simrishamn, 8-9kn easy downwind sailing with gennaker (and some racing against other boats). Two days in a row with gennaker, that is a record for us.

Night sailing.

Arriving late at Kristianopel with no more room for other boats (or too windy) resulting in night sailing to the next harbour. The kids were excited, wearing headlamps and looking for spar buoys in the dark.

Waiting for Covid-19 vaccination.

We have been able to plan and organise the most of the preparation, but not the Covid-19 vaccinations. For that we have had to adjust our plans to follow the Swedish vaccination schedule. This has resulted in a lot of worrying and frustration. Right now we only have one shot left, then both of us are fully vaccinated.

Some more goodbyes.

There have been a lot of goodbyes during the last couple of weeks. Hard to leave family and friends, especially parents/grandparents, who we haven’t been able to see much during the last year due to Covid-19.

A lot of swimming. The kids love to swim and especially to dive. Kalmarsundsparken and Ystad Saltsjöbad are some of the favorites. The kids also try to adjust to life with a lot less gaming. Not easy and sometimes resulting in unhappy faces.

And of course celebrating Atle who turned 9 years old!

In Ystad we have been able to meet both old friends and a lot of members from OSK, including other boats starting their adventure like us and the doctors preparing and training us in first aid and emergency care, things we hope never will occur.

Right now, it feels like vacation, but we are ready to leave Sweden towards Kiel – just one little leg left!

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